Temple Coffee and Donuts was est. in Kirkstall, Leeds in 2016 by Nadine Oxley and Simon Erl. 
Temple is a speciality coffee and donut shop located on the ground floor in an industrial unit. The concept is great coffee and American style donuts. 
Here is the story of how it all began….
Nadine also runs an online retail business called Red Temple Prayer (www.redtempleprayer.com). Originally RTP was located in an old national rail unit in Hunslet-Leeds, things started picking up in 2015 so the hunt for a larger warehouse began. After many failed attempts at finding a small unit, one magical day they drove through Kirkstall and noticed the TO LET sign on a large industrial 2 story building…and things moved fairly quickly from there! They got the keys in September 2016.
Once all the RTP stock was moved in it became apparent that there was A LOT of free space downstairs. They started to brainstorm about what it could possibly be used for. An RTP physical store was an obvious first choice, but there was still room for something else….
One thing they both said on a daily basis for about 2 years prior to taking on the new unit was “I wish there was somewhere we could go get a vegan donut and a good coffee”. This is just something that didn’t exist anywhere in Yorkshire at this point. So after lots of discussion they decided to try doing it them selves.
As Nadine already had a full time job with RTP and Simon being a full time tattoo artist, they looked at their time and figured “its not going to be busy is it-a coffee and donut shop in an industrial unit in kirkstall, no ones going to even be able to find it! We will just open a couple of days a week and then we can do it on our days off’. Neither of them being trained bakers they decided to outsource baking the bases of the donuts but glaze the donuts themselves in-house, the employed one staff member-an excellent barista..and thought they were all set!
So after a VERY fast refit, on October 12th 2016 opening day came. They expected a couple of friends and some good times….and then BOOM! The turn out was unbelievable.
From that day was so busy they couldn’t keep up with the demand, Leeds it seems LOVES speciality donuts and coffee. There’s now over 20 staff members and we make up to 2000 donuts a day.
Since then Nadine and Simon have opened an offsite vegan bakery (@porkysbakehouse), where the donuts for Temple get made and delivered fresh every morning. They are looking at the next step in terms of Temple number 2 but believe that Temples continued success comes from a lot of TLC and aren’t quite ready to leave their first baby just yet